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Some things you should know since the last update:

So, omg, I've finished my first year of university. Whaaaat? I'm currently kicking back with a homemade cocktail just chilling and it feels so good. I may do a full post on my first year because I just have so much to say. It has been the most incredible year with some incredible people. The exams, the reading and the essays have all been difficult but it's been so worth it. Now I just need to see if I've passed...
Since now that I've finished uni until September this gives me a lot of time to blog. Hopefully I'll be a lot more scheduled with blog posts or may even blog more than normal. However, I'm also going to up my hours at work so we'll have to see...
I've got a full fringe again! It was completely impulsive. I just wanted to do something exciting and new after my exams and so this was how I celebrated haha. I've had a full fringe before though and didn't like it, but this time I love it! It frames my face really well and covers my eyebrows (meaning if I haven't plucked them in a while I don't have to care haha).
Also, I'm on my way to being healthier. I'm exercising 5 times a week and eating so much more healthier. I want to start running more, and maybe one day in the extremely distant future run the London marathon. I'm going to start documenting it on YouTube if you want to follow me on my journey (if there even is one). But I think recording it may be a really good motive for me :) I'm thinking as soon as I get a decent camera I'm going to start YouTube (officially, like beauty videos and things).
One last update- I'm moving house! Well my parents are but I still kinda live with them so y'know. I haven't moved house since I was three so this is kind of a big deal for me. New house also means new bedroom which means decorating. It's kind of weird how excited I am to paint the walls and rip up the carpet. It's going to be so satisfying. I've made a pinterest board on all my ideas so far, so check them out and tell me what the best ones are.

And that's pretty much it. You're all updated.
Lots of Love



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