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First I made sure that my skin had the pamper of its life! Then I applied my Fix and Perfect primer from Rimmel and smoothed that all over my face and eye lids. I applied some of the Eraser concealer from Maybelline to my eyelids just to correct the purple tones a bit and to act as a base for my eye shadow. Then I completed my eyebrow routine (I made sure they were nicely taken care of before hand). To see my brow routine and the products I use click here. Then taking w.o.s from the naked basics palette I swept this all over the lid to brighten and correct the colour, then I blended naked 2 into the crease for a very soft definition.

I then decided to add some heavier definition just through the outer crease with the colour faint. Before adding some smokier colours I decided to highlight the inner corner with the colour venus and highlighting the brow bone with the colour Nect from Emite make up. Then to smoke up the look I used he colour crave. I applied this along my bottom lash line and then I blended it out on the outer corner of the eye. I started off with a light smokey eye and then I started to build up the colour and really intensify it.

In the waterline I used a white kohl eye liner from Rimmel to make my eyes appear larger and I then used my favourite Stila stay all day liquid eye liner in black. For mascara I chose the waterproof version of the Falsies by Maybelline. Waterproof? Well the last thing you'd want is your mascara slipping down your face in your prom photos! Of course you can apply fake eyelashes but I don't like the feel of them on my eyes so I skipped them!

Next: base! Foundation wise, I'd say full coverage. Of course you don't have to, but when it was my prom I definitely went full coverage, I wanted to be flawless. To do this I used my favourite Wake Me Up Foundation by Rimmel and applied this with a buffing brush for the fullest coverage I could get. I'd say get a foundation without SPF to avoid the 'ghost look' in flash photography. To see more tips on getting the perfect foundation click here. I also used my Eraser again by Maybelline and added extra coverage to the areas that needed it (under eyes, spots, redness...). Definitely powder that face! This ensures you don't look like a hot sweaty/greasy mess in your prom photos AND it makes your foundation last longer! Whilst this is pretty essential, please don't turn yourself into a cake...

Finally, make up wise, it's lippy time. I'd say that lip colour depends on the dress. I went for a nude-pink colour by first applying MAC's chatterbox lipstick and then layering Maybelline's colour sensational gloss in glorious grapefruit. I'd say really glam up by using lipgloss you'll feel so much more gorgeous! Just choose your lip colour wisely on whether your dress is warm or cool tone and just work with it! Or of course you can go with a nude lip and a bit of colour on the eyes!

The first thing I did was section my hair. I left my bangs and some extra hair at the front and bunched it together so I could clip it out of the way.

The next thing I did was section the back section into two (one higher and one lower). I dtook the lower section and tied it away with a bobble. Then I section the top section into 3 and teased each part until it looked like this:

Then I smoothed it down a bit with my tangle teaser and hair sprayed it (quite a lot). Then when I was happy with the placement I pinned it into place.

Then I took the bobble out from the bottom section and tied both sections together. Once I did this I teased the ponytail a bit just for a little bit more volume and texture.

I then bunched all of the ponytail together and tied it into a rough bun. After looking in the mirror I realised I didn't like the shape so I added some grips and made the bun more round and less messy.

Then I took down the front bits and brushed through them. Then when I was happy I started to plait them back and then I pinned both sides in place around the bun.

Here's the completed look. All I did then was curl the rest of my bangs and straightened my fringe a bit. I love this hairstyle, I've worn it for lots of occasions and it looks awesome whilst being very very easy to do. This is also the case with the make up. I love it so much! I think it will suit a lot of prom dresses and styles so I hope you like it too!

Hope you love it as much as I do! If you do decide to try this look let me know!
Lots of Love



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