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Hey gals (or guys...)! I'm starting a new series called 'FIX IT!'. I've chosen some major beauty issues that a lot of people struggle with and I'm going to show you how I tackle them! The first one (as you can see by the title) is eyebrows. Now, this is the beauty era of the eyebrow. I remember a time where girls would usually say "I cannot leave the house without mascara" now I hear a lot of girls saying "I cannot leave the house without my eyebrows done". The problem with this is that I also see a lot of girls like:

-which is a shame. I'm not an eyebrow expert by any means, but here is how I shape my brows and fill them in. One big tip I'll share with you now is that if you're going bare faced with only your eyebrows done, I would suggest maybe using a lighter colour so that all of the attention isn't focused on the brows haha! Also, if you're a beginner in shaping brows, get a professional to shape them first and then just follow that shape. So here's what we're working with:

Horrible photo I know. Ok. So first thing's first: DON'T RUSH, ALLOW YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME AND REMOVE YOU'RE MAKE UP!
You'll Need:
  • Scissors
  • Mascara wand
  • Tweezers
  • A white eyeliner pencil
  • A card or a ruler
1. Mark Out Your Shape
Ok so start by using your ruler/card from your nostril upwards. This is where your eyebrows should start. Then line the ruler from the tip of your nostril across your eye (through your pupil when looking forward) and this is where the top of your arch should be. Then measure from the tip of your nostril to the edge of your eye (following the natural shape) and this is where your eyebrow should end. Mark each point with the white pencil.

2. Draw The Shape
Ok so using the mascara wand brush the eyebrow hair outwards from the centre of your face (following the natural shape) and then using the ruler and the white pencil join up the points that you marked. Then use the pencil to draw a template around the eyebrow. This will give you better clarity and a better arch! If you find that where you're drawing you'll end up with bald patches from plucking later, don't worry because you can fill them in!
3. Trim Em'
Using the mascara wand brush the hairs upwards. Then using the scissors snip away at the hairs! Use the inside of the white line as a guide. This will make your eyebrows so much easier to manage.
4. Wax, Thread, Tweeze And Soothe
Start by either waxing or threading around the eyebrow. Follow the guide and even use the wax/thread to get rid of the lighter hairs further away from the eyebrow. Then using tweezers get right in close to the brow and get rid of the ones ON the white line and all the small hairs that are a bit harder to get at. Finally soothe the brows with some aloe vera gel and don't put make up on them for the rest of the day :)
5. Fill Em' In
So you've got wonderfully shaped brows, now you may need to fill them in. An eyebrow pencil is quite easy to use but the ones I've used I've never really liked. I love using eye shadow and then setting them with a brow gel, or you can just use a tinted brow gel. I've used Faint from the urban decay basics palette and Maybelline brow gel over the top. Top tips: start light and build it up, make sure the colour is perfect for your eyebrows (so it matches your hair but isn't too dark) and also you're eyebrows should be lighter towards your nose and darker towards the outer corner of your eye. Also if you're really proud of your eyebrows now that their all perfect and what not, highlight your brow bone to make them stand out.
And there we have it, your eyebrows are fixed! I hope this was helpful and for more FIX IT's subscribe to my blog by clicking the link on the right!
Lots of Love



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