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The University
Aberystwyth is an absolutely beautiful place (well I think so anyway).It's a great student based town where everything is pretty much in one place which is great because I'm lazy. However, there is one downfall: there's ono greggs, topshop, zara or river island. Bummer. But that's what online shopping is for right? Being by the seaside is lush, it's really quite calming. I haven't even set foot on the beach yet though haha. Whilst it's calming the nightlife is surprising, it's actually really good. The university is on a massive hill which I don't walk up much due to my previously stated laziness, but the uni is very diverse and lively, everyone is friendly and helpful (aaaaand, whilst the student union is small they do good food haha).

The Course
At the start of the year I had a little trouble with my course. Basically I changed courses 4 times which I doubt any of the staff were happy about. Now I'm studying full time BSc Psychology and I'm really enjoying it. I don't like doing any of the work (well because it's work) but I find it very very interesting and then the work doesn't really become so much of a chore. I actually enjoyed writing a few of my essays... The course covers things I want to learn which is great since I'm paying a lot of money for it but I am a bit gutted I can't pick any modules until 3rd year but I suppose in Psychology there must be a set amount of material you need to cover. Pretty much all the staff are lovely and helpful (some more than others) but I can't complain! I'm finding the biology side of it quite hard, but I'm working on it!


The Accommodation
So. Many. Issues.
The beginning of the year for me was really really tough. On first arrival I really liked my room. But then I didn't really get on with everyone in my flat (and I felt massively homesick). I wasn't enjoying myself and found myself stressing out, panicking and crying A LOT. I decided to move in with my boyfriend and some friends. It completely changed my university experience. I felt so much happier and I got to meet some amazing new people. I am so so soooo grateful that they let me stay, it was that sole decision that made my first year completely amazing.

The Money
Managing money is harder than I thought it would be. I started working part time at Uni, but the manager would make me work Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday morning and Monday night. So basically I had no weekend when my friends were going out. So, I quit. This made managing my money a bit harder but it wasn't terrible. I always had money to buy food and go out. Just sometimes I found I couldn't buy things I wanted (new clothes etc) and I still haven't fixed my phone screen- maybe one day when I have enough cash tucked away.


The Life
I love the lifestyle of Aberystwyth. It's busy enough to never be boring but it's not sooo busy that you run out of money or you feel totally overwhelmed. Everything is just in one place so it's so easy. I've loved being a student this year. I'm independent now which is pretty cool. I can decide to do whatever I want when I want (to an extent haha). It's actually been good for me too- learning how to cook and stuff. I've met so many great people who have just made this year fantastic, they are all so lovely and I'm so pleased to have met them. This year has been one of the greatest years of my life. Can't wait for next year!


Lots of Love



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