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Wholemeal Pizza Toast

Toast some wholemeal bread. Spread on some tomato puree and sprinkle some low fat cheese. Then add some healthy toppings if you'd like. A great way to enjoy pizza on a diet!
Fruit and Yoghurt

A good classic. Chop up your favourite fruit and put into a bowl. Pour over some yummy low fat yoghurt and tuck in.
Graze Snacks
 Graze are great. Sending you packaged snacks? I like to take them to work and my favourites are the flapjacks, mmm.
Banana Chocolate Cookies

I love biscuits and cookies, in fact their my weakness. These just ease the blow. Whilst their not completely healthy, their still healthier than a pack of custard creams. Mix oats and mashed bananas and then swirl in some chocolate spread or add some chocolate sprinkles. Then out them in the oven until crunchy.
Juice Plus Shake
These are great snacks before or after a work out. Filled with protein and work well also as a meal replacement. I'd love to have the vanilla one again because I only have chocolate at the moment, but the vanilla one tastes like biscuits!
If you'd like to see anymore healthy foods or recipes let me know!
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