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I wear a liquid winged liner pretty much everyday. I've been doing it since I was around 15 and I love the look of it, it really love the shape it adds to my big eyes. Here are my 10 steps for the perfect liquid liner flick!

Find an eye liner you are comfortable with. My favourite eye-liners at the moment are: Stila Stay All Day liquid liner and Collection Fast Stroke liquid liner. I just find that they are both really easy to use, they are very black and they last a really long time (woop!). Also as a side note the pencil eye liners that I'm loving are: Urban Decay 24/7 Dual End Liner in Naked Basics and the Maybelline Eye Studio Longwear Shadow Pencil in Scorching Brown. I'm not a massive fan of gel liners. Also I would say to prime your eyes with a primer or foundation or a cream shadow to help make the liner last, and to tight line with a black pencil and highlight the lower waterline with a light pencil eye liner (this is why I love the urban decay pencil!).

I find it best to sort of measure my eyes before beginning just to sort of help me direct where I'm going to start getting a bit thicker with the liner. The eye liner should start getting thicket where your eyebrows are arched (line the end of the brush from your nostril to the arch and then you'll see). I also use the end of my brush to help find the angle/direction of which the wing should be. So just follow the natural direction of your eye upwards.

I find I get the best results (even on both sides) when I plan the wing. So what I mean by this is I draw it on with a light pencil or a light brown eye shadow and an angled brush. Or you can use a bit of tape and place it where you where angling the brush earlier. This means I have a ready made guide so you can't really go wrong.
So this is the point where you want to do a reaaaally good check to see if they re even and the right thickness and the right length. It will be easier to correct it now rather than later! 

The best place to start is the middle. Keep the line thin and stick to the lash line. Start taking it out to the outer corner just so you are actually lining your lash line! It's the easiest place to start.

The next place to start is at the inner corner. Again keep the line thin and join it to the middle so there is just one long thin line.

Now the scary part, follow the guide! Extend the line out, don't press to hard and hold the liner at an angle and use the tip so then line is thin and just beautiful!

Then again, following the guide, connect the line back to the middle so it makes a triangle shape, but don't make it too big or it will look like your entire lid it just black haha.

Ok- don't go any further! Are these wings even? Are they the same length and thickness? If it's not working out then use cotton buds dipped in make up remover and it will sort you out.

Ok, so those wings are now even. You got this down. The only thing left to do is fill it in! Make sure it's all filled in into the lash line and no skin is showing (check the tightline again). And now it should look all tied in and perfect! Remember, to have perfect flicks you gotta give yourself time to practise!

And there we go, your wings are fixed! Hope you're all enjoying this series.
Lots of Love



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