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Since it's the summer holidays I've had my fair few lazy days. It usually starts with me rolling out of bed at goodness knows what time. Lets be honest I don't always make my bed but if I can, I will give it a good darn try! I'll usually then stroll downstairs for some breakfast and a cup of tea. Since today I was feeling extra lazy, I just had a bowl of cereal.

I'll sit and watch tv for an excessive amount of time (not even catching up on good tv, but just watching friends on repeat- you all do it!!!!). Then if I really don't have anything to do I will have another cup of tea and then finally I'll go back upstairs and begin my lazy day skin care routine. To be honest, it's not really a routine it's more of washing my face and then using a 2 in 1 moisturiser and serum. It's just a great easy way to be clean yet and moisturised.

My lazy day activities usually consist of internet surfing and snacking. I'll tie my hair up, lie back down on my bed and catch up on blogs, youtube and pinterest. And, if I'm feeling super ambitious I'll even do some blog posts myself! These days usually end up with me ordering some things of asos or feelunique too. Whoops.

Sometimes, sadly, my lazy days do require me to venture outside (say for a walk or meeting someone for lunch). So for this I'll put on some facial fake tan to add a glow but it's not as high maintenance as foundation. I'll put on some very minimal make up (concealer, eyeliner, lip balm and mascara) and then I'll dry shampoo my hair, attempt to do something with it and I'll end up looking something like this:

Then when I get back I'll hop back into my pjs and eat some food. Of course then, how could I not mention my one true love- Netflix. I'm absolutely loving season 2 of Orange is The New Black atm!I'll watch a good few episodes of whatever or a film and then turn off my light and snuggle up to sleep.

What are your lazy days like?
Lots of Love



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