June Favourites | Beauty ❤

Solait Facial Tan
I am loving this stuff. Recently it's been way too hot to slather on piles of foundation and so this is just perfect. It gives you this beautiful glow, obviously it tans too but it's not so much that it looks 'dirty' haha. It's very natural whilst giving you this beautifully bronzed highlight-y wonder. I use this as a base for the rest of my make up. This is going to be my summer love.

Emite Make Up Brush
I only own two Emite products both I've discovered from Glossybox. I have a single eye shadow in the colour NECT and then this brush. I've used this brush every single day this month- no joke. I tend to use it to fill in my eyebrows but I also love this for applying eye shadow as eyeliner because it is so easy to use and it's great for giving you a very precise flick. Their products seem to be great quality and I think sooner or later their going to be a very big brand!

Maybelline Colour Sensational Gloss in Glorious Grapefruit
I've already done a post on this beauty (click here) so I won't ramble too much I love this lipgloss and like the brush, I've used this A LOT this month.

Looking for Alaska
I loved this book. John Green's famous The Fault in Our Stars really did well (I mean making it into a movie, it must have been amazing) and I really did enjoy it. Then I read this book and I loved it even more. Absolutely great story and I cannot believe how much I connected with this book. It seriously affected me haha.

I have been really enjoying my salads recently, but only the way I make them. I like to add potato and quinoa to make them very very filling. Also, I'm loving the honey and mustard dressing from M&S, just ommmmmg. It tastes so yummy. I've been eating them like every day for lunch by making one big batch to last for 3 days. Sorry for the blurry picture!

I am not an exercise freak. I like to walk, run (every now and again), do some pilates and zumba. I don't so much 'work out' I just enjoy to do them sort of when I can. I especially like zumba and pilates because after them I am exhausted yet completely satisfied. I've been trying hard to exercise more recently, and yeah, I'm enjoying it!

I must have mentioned pinterest in a favourites before. I love this site, it's just so inspiring and a great place to store all my ideas. It's great for organising too. You just really need to try it, it's amazing. I am slowly going to convert everyone I know into a pinterest addict one day...

Orange is The New Black Season 2
Last but certainly not least, an amazing, amazing tv series. The first series was great, this one was just incredible. It's so easy to watch, it's really funny and so so captivating even though an episode could be over like a toothbrush or something. It's just great. I took the 'which character are you' quiz and turns out I'm Piper, which I am highly unsatisfied with. Why couldn't I have been Red?

So that's what I've been loving this month. What have you been loving?
Lots of Love



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