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So, I've kinda been trying to be healthier. My first year in university hasn't half helped me to gain weight and it needs to be shifted sooner rather than later. I want to lose some weight before going on holiday, but not only that my skin needs to clear up a bit. So this is just what I've been doing...

I've been planning my meals the week before. I'll write out my breakfasts, lunch and dinners and then make a shopping list. If anyone would like to see a shopping haul then et me know :) I tend to follow the slimming word plan just because I've lost weight on that plan before and it's really easy to follow.

An app I've also been loving is My Fitness Pal. This just helps me track my calories so I'm not eating too much food and I'm getting the right amount of nutirents. It also helps me track my exercise. Speaking of exercise I now try to workout 5 times a week. I'm not doing anything too much just some easy exercise. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I run, walk or do some aerobics and on Tuesday and Thursday I love doing some blogilates workouts to balance the cardio with weights! I've also been loving the Nike Run app to help me track my walks/runs which is just so useful :)

I want to now start drinking more water, that's my next goal. I've actually been really enjoying being a bit healthier and I want to take it a bit more seriously now to really start shifting the weight. If you want to know more let me know!

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  1. I've been aiming to get healthier lately. The exercise part is fine but the food is my issue, I find I get hungry so easily. Would love to see some healthy recipes! :) xx


    1. Hey Am' :)
      I've done a post on some of my favourite healthy snacks, but I'll definitely make some more posts on healthy recipies!
      Thanks for your comment xx