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1. Get Netflix
It's first on the list because for me it was pretty important. A lot of time spent in uni revolved around Netflix and which films we were all going to watch. It was also a god send to have when you wake up hungover on a Sunday morning and all you can do really is just about switch your laptop on to watch an episode of Modern Family.
2. Music is a big responsibility
Especially in pre-drinks. Don't worry about it too much though, just remember that if you are in control of the music you are also in control of everyone else's mood before you go out. So just don't play You Raise Me Up before heading out and you'll be fine.
3. Don't be selfish
Don't make it all about you, remember now that you live with other people and you need to take into consideration the things they want to do etc. Also if you bake a cake, don't eat it all yourself- share it! You'll probably make friends really quickly...
4. Stock up on booze
Before you go, look out for deals on alcohol and buy them before freshers week. Obviously this doesn't just apply to alcohol, but it will probably work out better (money wise) so you can spend your student loan on other things!
5. Don't stress too much
You will make friends- I promise! I know everyone says this but honestly, if it's not your flatmates it's people on your course. If it's not people on your course it's people you meet on nights out. And don't worry about the work load too much in first year, as long as you pass then you'll get into second year!
6. Don't leave things until the last minute
Don't however, leave essays until the night before because that will stress you out. Because at the end of the day you do actually need to pass. Just start early, take your time to think about it and approach it in a calm, chilled, "I have loads of time to handle it" kind of way.
7. First impressions and expectations are not always met
Don't expect things. Don't judge people because you're probably wrong. Just let things play out the way their supposed to. I expected to be best friends with all my flatmates forever. Turns out we didn't get on and I ended up moving out and meeting new people who are just absolutely brilliant. Expect the unexpected I guess.
8. Join societies
Basically because you'll get to go out more and you'll meet loads of new people all interested in the same things as you. I sadly didn't join any in my first year and I really do feel like I've missed out but this year I'm planning on joining the Psychology society and maybe a performing club :)
9. Don't take other people's stuff
A pretty standard rule but you hear about it a lot in university. People eating other people's food without asking and using things that aren't theirs. I mean it's stealing and not cool so don't do it because people will not like you.
10. Let yourself go
Go do all the crazy stuff you want to do and really be yourself. This is a new fresh start for you to try new things and meet new people. Don't let it go to waste and make the new experience the best few years of your life.
Hope this helped all of you freshers!
Lots of Love



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