10 Things That Make Me Happy | Life ❤

  1. I love tea. To me it's a perfect way to relax and a good mug of tea is just very comforting to me.
  2. I love finishing an excellent book. The feeling afterwards where you just reflect on the book and you actually miss it. Yeah, that really makes me happy.
  3. Being outside. Something about being outside just makes me feel excited and free. I love feeling the breeze and just moving around. I love it especially when it's sunny!
  4. Spending  time with people when there's no technology around and it's just one on one. It's just great to talk with no distractions and its just very raw and natural. I just love it.
  5. Watching a whole tv series in a day. It actually feels like an achievement haha. It's kind of like point number 2 (finishing a great book) especially when it's a great show. I also think it's great when I watch them with Tom because then I actually have someone to talk about it to.
  6. Spontaneous days out. Those days when you wake up, plan doing nothing and then it's like 2oh hey lets go to the beach" or "hey why don't we just go to the cinemas even thought it's already 9pm?". I love those moments.
  7. Blogging and networking. The whole blogging network thing just amazes me. It just so fun and great to meet new people who love the same things you do. It's great to see so much community!
  8. Pinterest. It's like my favourite internet site. It makes me happy because I feel so inspired from Pinterest, you'll see for yourself. It's just a beautiful site.
  9. Reminiscing. Lying on my bed on a sunny day with the window open so the breeze can come in and just thinking about the past makes me ridiculously happy. It's very soothing almost like meditation and just really helps me to regain perspective on everything. I love it.
  10. Long showers. Soothing, satisfying, rejuvenating and wonderful. Who wouldn't be happy?
Hope you all like my 10 things that make me happy. What makes you happy?
Lots of Love



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