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Orite m'lovelies. Another FIX IT tutorial, but I think this is the most important. Make up begins with a base and without a fantastically beautiful base, make up just isn't the same. Foundation I think, especially for younger make up lovers, is a tricky one. I think that sometimes we can treat it too casually and think that it's easier than what it is. To be fair it does seem easy, just put it on your face- that's how I did it when I was younger. Now I don't wear foundation as much because I realised I don't always need it and I when I apply it now I'm way more cautious. No more tangerines...

The very first point I'd like to make is that foundation really is only a base. It's not going to cover every imperfection on your face because it isn't aimed to do so. So never slather on layers and layers of foundation because it won't work (without it looking terrible). The best way to tackle this is to take care of your skin. Have a regular skin routine that suits your skin and this gives a great base for your foundation. It will help reduce the imperfections you don't like and a moisturiser/primer will help make your base look flawless for longer- woop! Also, never ever tan with foundation. Fake tan is magic, I promise.

When thinking about buying a foundation, especially if it's high end, do some research. It won't do any harm to find a foundation to suit your skin before purchasing, also check for reviews on lasting power and coverage etc. It's better than wasting your money, right? Don't purchase foundation online unless you've had it before and loved it, it's always best to go to the shop. Always get a sample of the foundation if you can, so you can try it out at home, because the problem with shops/department stores is that the lighting is absolutely awful. If you need to buy it that day, go outside in daylight to test it. However, a sample is definitely the best option because you practise the foundation with your tools and test the lasting power, colour and texture.

Get naked. What? Yeah. Put a towel around your body and look in a mirror. Take your make up off and really look at your skin. Look at: colour tones, skin type and how your face compares to the rest of your exposed skin. You want your foundation to look blended onto your neck effortlessly, and you also want it to be close to the colour of the back of your hand! When considering your shade of foundation, think of: matching to your neck, coverage, warm or cool tone, your complexion and if you need to cover blue or red tones. Once you've addressed all of these points finding your perfect shade should be a smidge easier ;)

Do you have dry, normal, oily, problematic or combination skin? Is your skin dull, red or do you have large pores? How much coverage do you need? Your perfect foundation should suit your skin type. Picking the right type of foundation means picking the right formulation and texture. Foundation will not look good on the wrong skin. There are so many types of foundation these days that you can basically just take your pick!

You can apply foundation in all sorts of ways: brushes, sponges your fingers etc. I personally love using a stippling brush and then blending it with a sponge. But of course different tools give different coverage and texture which is personal to you. Stippling brushes give quite a light coverage, a classic foundation brush gives a high coverage, a buffing brush gives a very flawless airbrushed medium coverage and your fingers gives a very good coverage but it is a bit messy! Sponges however, I love and hate them. I'd never just use a sponge to apply foundation straight onto my face because I don't like the way it applies, but I loooove the way they blend. One mega issue is that they are a bit unhygienic unfortunately. Always make sure your hands and tools are clean especially if you suffer from acne and make sure you invest in good tools that apply brilliantly (I love real techniques!).

Never try to mask your face -you'll end up looking like a cake! You'll never need as much foundation as you think you need! And if you think you still need more coverage- a good concealer covers what foundation doesn't! I hope this post was helpful. This is the end of my FIX IT series. If you want more let me know in the comments and I'll get some more posts going.
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