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Good morning (or afternoon, or evening..)! For this 'Beauty Tuesday' I am sharing my morning skin care routine with you. I have been using all these products for quite some time now, and my skin has never looked better. You may notice from the picture that there are no 'treatment' items such as face masks or spot removal etc, but that's because I usually use those at night (stick around for my night routine soon :P). These products make my skin feel fresh, clean, plump and ready for the day, so I thought I would share them with you. Before we start, I don't have any major issues with my skin. I don't have acne only a few spots now and again and I occasionally get a bit more oily or dry depending on the season. Other than that my skin is pretty normal, and so these products are aimed for more 'normal' skin, but are worth a try if you like the sound of them.

Soap and Glory: Peaches and Clean*
This is a fairly new item which I've been using since Christmas day. I tend to soak my face in hot water, lather this on my face and wash it off with cold water (to close your pores!). I think it's a nice face wash, not the best I've ever had, the consistency is beautiful like a sort of greek yoghurt, but if you like gel face washes (for oilier skin), this is a no go. It does help to moisturise my skin as it's a creamier consistency and the smell.. oh goooood. So yummy. But it's not as good as the other face wash from Soap and Glory (face soap and clarity).
Olay Essentials: Refreshing Toner
I love using a toner everyday, twice a day. Not a lot of people understand what a toner does, but it has many uses. It can remove excess make up and exfoliate your skin gently, it can help tighten your pores, refresh your skin, rebalances your skin's pH, sometimes moisturises and can help minimise ingrown hairs. I prefer the simple toner, but I need to use this one up. If you're new to toner don't get this one, it may be a bit to heavy for your skin. However, it does everything it should do and I'm quite happy with it.
Superdrug's Naturally Radiant: Brightening Radiance Balm
I have only started using serum within the past couple of months and I cannot believe the difference in my skin. I purchased this just to see if it would brighten my skin, and it did. My skin looks so much healthier and I think it helps my moisturiser sink into my skin too. For such an inexpensive product, this bad boy is well worth it and you only need the tiniest amount! I will soon be trying out the rest of the Naturally Radiant line!
Elizabeth Arden: Daily Moisturising Lotion*
This was in a gift bag given to me from my Nan *awh* and it's really lovely. It's actually great for my skin on a daily basis. It has SPF 15which is great because no matter what the weather we should all be wearing SPF everyday (reduces the appearance of wrinkles and prevents skin damage)! It's quite a light runny texture so it's not too heavy that my foundation is going to slide off my face. Love it.
Origins: Gin Zing Eye Cream
This is the very last product I use in the morning. Recently due to exams and parties I haven't had much sleep at all, and believe me, it shows. I was so surprised to see that after using this, I looked fully rested. I know. What? But seriously, this is my favourite thing ever. It has light reflecting particles in the formula which helps the appearance of brighter under eyes and moisturiser and 'zings' your eyes awake.

And that's it. All the products mentioned are in the picture above if you're interested in what they look like.
Hope you enjoyed this, let me know.
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