Student Sundays: Non-beauty Favourites!

I thought I'd write something a little different today. As well as beauty, I do have other interests haha. I thought I'd like to share them with you in case your looking for a new tv series or something new to try :)

Little Mix- Yeah. I just love them. I love both of their albums but especially the song Boy. I think that's such an amazing song, really catchy and I love the harmonies!
Eggs- Specifically runny eggs. I don't know what it is but I'm just loving them in sandwiches and with toast soldiers. I know I shouldn't eat too many, but they are really good for you too... right?
Hot chocolate- Christmas is over, but the winter is not. Hot chocolate is just so lovely at this time of year especially with cream and marshmallows, (sometimes even flavoured syrups, yummmmm)

I freaking LOVE this show. It's kind of becoming a problem and I am slowly turning into one of those girls on tumblr who just reblog pictures of #sherlock #john and obviously #sheriarty.
It has such great story lines and its very fast paced and exciting. Not to mention both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are rather attractive males.
Breaking Bad- Another fantastic show. Only on the second series at the moment but I am truly addicted. It's a very deep, well-thought-of story which hits you on so many levels. It's exciting, sad, funny and scary. To be all that and more, now that's pretty awesome. Also, I much prefer Jessie to Walter, js.
+essiebutton - A favourite YouTuber of mine. Recently I've just been addicted to her posts. She's really funny, natural and honest which is great qualities to have for beauty and filming. She's just a lovely person, check her out!
Baths- Being home allowed me to make the most of my bath, and now that I'm back in Uni, I think I have some sort of deficiency. I've found them to be so relaxing with a face mask and watching like a film or something with candles. Omg, I miss my bath!
Zeitgeist: The movie- I wasn't very keen at watching this at first, but +Tom Gilbert said that it was a really great movie/documentary. It was amazing. Very shocking, insightful and mind boggling. It really made me realise that  should be critically thinking more, because it really does make a difference. There is also a 2nd and 3rd movie out which I will probably watch on Netflix soon! I highly recommend these.
Anchorman 2

Oh man.
I loved this film.
I went to see this with my friend Shona, and we laughed out loud through the entire film. You don't even really even need to see the first film! Steve Carell was particularly hilarious through this, and Paul Rudd (even and Brian Fantana) was still drool-worthy. A must see this year, especially for a good laugh!
eBay- I love you, but I hate you. I've bagged a lot of bargains recently on eBay such as my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for only £20! However, I also purchased a Naked 3 palette for £27 which turned out to be fake. As lovely as the eye shadows are, I really do want the real thing. eBay is fantastic, but just be careful folks! eBay is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.
Pinterest: Pinterest is an amazing website/phone app. I've been using it to inspire me in all aspects of life e.g. home decor, make up and fashion looks, tattoos and crafts. Looking at the pictures, tips and quotes actually makes my mood lift, because it's the things I aspire to do, which makes me happy. And to be able to put it together in one place is really cool. Love it! Please follow me on there too, I'm great fun :P
Redesigning my blog- I've loved trying out new looks with my blog lately. I'm still not completely happy with it but, I'm going to carry on messing around with it until I find a look that I love, and now that I have Photoshop the world is my oyster. Come back and check it out to let me know what you think.
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