Fashion Friday: GYM OOTD

Heeeeeeeeeey :)
So one of my new years resolutions is to lose weight which means exercise sadly. However, going out and treating myself to some new gym clothes really does help me get out of bed.
I don't know why, it just makes me want to wear my new things, so I do!

Karrimor discounted to £35
 These are my beautiful trainers. I would love a pair of Nike free run trainers in bright pink, but these are still very very veeeery good. They are extremely comfortable and because their black they don't really get dirty. I bought these for £35 instead of £140 because they were accidentally incorrectly marked. Boom! These trainers are just the bomb and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good pair of trainers.

Karrimor on sale
Nike on sale
I bought all of these things from Sports Direct (*sings* .com UK's number one) all on sale too, so the prices might have changed now. I bought the cropped leggings type pants because I felt they were the most flattering on me and they had a zip back pocket which is extremely handy! And I loooove the top. It shows some of my sports bra which is great for colour contrast and it has a great motivating message. Makes me wana just do it, know what I'm saying?

Karrimor top on sale

This is the last of my lovely gym pieces. This swanky thang is quite the t-shirt style gym top. It's a slight high-neck bright pink and I've taken a very very very close up shot to show you the teeny tiny holes in the top which help keep you cool and it also doesn't show sweat patches (woo!). Very cool top, which is also surprisingly falttering. Usually I also take a jumper or a zip-hoodie with me to keep me warm pre and post workout and obviously a large bottle of water!

Hope I've inspired you to get your butts to the gym! Please comment, subscribe and like this post!
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