Kate Moss Lipstick

Heeeeeeeeeeey :)
I know I haven't really been keeping to a schedule really, it's just I have  few exams I have to deal with :(
But I thought I'd make this post really quick. This is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 03.
This little treasure was actually an accidental purchase. I purposely left the house that day to buy this lipstick but in the shade 107. I should have checked which one I picked up, but stupidly I didn't and ended up with this one instead.
I've been searching for my perfect nude all my beauty life, and now, as if sent by a cosmopolitan God, here it is! I love this colour on me, I'd definitely say it was a shade for someone with lighter skin because it has a slight orangey tone to it (that's why it looks a bit like a stick concealer). I do like the formulation, it's matte and I think it's pretty long lasting, but if you have dry or cracked lips it does show and make your lips look a bit icky.
But, I really do like this lipstick, and if you see it in the shop make sure you take a glance at it (around £5). It's great for everyday wear or top it with a pink gloss and your good to go for a night out.
Hope you've enjoyed this!
Much Love



  1. i have this one too! i really love the kate moss lippies! xx

    1. I have the 117 one now as well! They seem really great, might have to add some more to my collection... xx