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Hi everyone :) This is just a post to let you know what I've been up to recently and why my new blog post structure won't start until the 10th. I've had a very busy Christmas! I've travelled here, there and everywhere, revised and worked a lot, and of course- it was Christmas. I decided to spend some quality time with friends and family who I hadn't seen for months which was very worthwhile and fun and I also went to visit some friends in York for New Years!
So I took an 8 hour bus to York with my boyfriend (+Tom Gilbert) and finally arrived to be greeted by our two lovely friends Jaime and Immy. We had an amazing time staying with them and meeting their lovely friends and family who couldn't have been more kind if they tried. I visited lots of new places (York, Ripon, Nesborough), got rather drunk on numerous occasions and did quite a bit of sale shopping. But, most importantly I found some amazing place names which made my 2013. These include: Upper Poppleton, Black Dike Lane and Giggleswick. I've loved being home though.
I've really missed my family, especially my brother and it's so nice to be able to spend time with them again.
My mother and I had a very girly day out when I went to get my hair dyed at Ken Picton Salons in Cardiff Bay. It was a gift from Tom and the first time I'd ever dyed my hair. I had an amazing hairdresser called Jo, who really did spend lots of time on my hair and really seemed to care about it.
I'm so glad I dyed my hair, pictures of it can be seen on instagram :)

Also I was supposed to have an exam yesterday but I haven't gone back to uni yet. Why? Well. Bascially due to very dangerous weather in Aberystwyth (such as very high tides and ripping up concrete slabs off the promenade) I am simply not allowed to go back! My exams have been pushed back a week (phee-ew) and I have some extra revision time. Revision is proving to be very hard this year. It's a massive step up from school and I feel way out of my depth, and I feel like I haven't done enough (per usual). So, I don't know. We'll just see how things turn out. Hopefully my exams will go well.
One last thing.
I have decided to challenge myself this year. A 'one MAC lipstick a month'. What I mean by this, is that every month I will buy a new MAC lipstick and by the end of the year I will have 12 new MAC lipsticks.
I have decided a few lipsticks in advance already but I would love it if people could give me some suggestions. Please comment down below, or feel free to tweet me, instagram me, tumblr me... anything! I'd love to hear from you.
January: Chatterbox
February: Impassioned
March: ???
April: Syrup
May: ???
June: Girl about town
July: ???
August: ???
September: Plumful
October: Russian Red
November: Rebel
December: Ruby woo

And as always...
Much Love



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