Fashion Friday: What's in my bag?

Hey everyone! :)
Kicking off my new "scheduled" posts with a what's in my bag is always a good start I think. I say "scheduled" because I meant to post this yesterday but for some reason it didn't work haha. Next time it will be on time! Now pretty much every beauty blogger and vlogger are always awaiting a new or updated 'what's in my bag' post (including myself) as we are all nosey people. Nevertheless, they are brilliant posts, and there's just something very satisfying about knowing what a girl carries in her handbag. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and give it a whirl.

Bag: River Island (last year) £25
Cosmetic bag: gift
The bag itself is wonderful. I think it's a really pretty design with the gold plating, long straps, quilted pattern and also the fold over top. I think that the top of it is really fantastic for preventing theft, and it looks really cool haha. The bag looks sort of a medium-small size but actually it's Mary Poppin's bag. It surprised me how much stuff I can carry in it (all of the below and more) which can be quite bad at sometimes because it ends up becoming very cluttered like my purse. It's one of those bags that go with everything for every occasion which is amazing and I doubt it will ever go out of style. All in all, I love this bag, and I think when this conks out, I'll try and get something similar.

As you can see, there is no, how do I say it... crap... in my bag. Crap being old receipts, random bobby pins (curvy grips) or pieces of chewing gum hiding around in there. The only reason for this is that I had to organise my things to take the picture haha, but usually there would be tons of odd earrings and perfume samples rummaging around at the bottom of the bag. After sorting it all out this is what my bag now includes:

River Island Leather Purse- great quality purse, soft leather, will never go out of style.
Smartphone friendly gloves- it's a tad chilli here in West Wales, so some gloves won't do any harm to carry around, especially ones that allow me to use my phone on the go!
iPod Nano (+iPhone 4s -currenty smashed to bits)- got to have these for a constant music supply!
Earphones for iPod
Loose change in a zip pocket- Just because life is sometimes unfair and you will need change when you least expect it (e.g. parking)
Cosmetic bag including:

  • Maybeline baby lips in Pink Punch- great for moisturising and a lovely pink colour
  • Tissues-for all of life's tissue needing experiences.
  • Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple- if I'm feeling in a red mood, which sometimes I am, this is my go to red. Easy to apply on the go, and a lovely colour that goes with a lot of make up looks.
  • Hair Tie (bobble) and Bobby Pin (curvy grip)- Every girl needs these in her handbag, amazingly useful and great if you just need your hair out of your face.
  • Elizabeth Arden eight hour mini intensive hand cream- for when I'm either bored, or my hands just feel battered (especially in the colder days), this hand cream is beautiful!
  • Elizabeth Arden mini perfume- for when I feel like a need a little refreshment to make me feel all lovely and nice smelling.
And that's everything. Hope you've enjoyed and let me know what you think. Also please feel free to comment letting me know what you keep in your bags or if you have any requests or anything. I'd love to hear from you.

Much Love



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