Fashion Wishlist

Heeeeeeeeeeey :)
So spring is on it's way and I've already made a list of things to add to my wardrobe. As it's still quite chilly and rainy here in Wales these items are a bit on the warmer side of spring, but I still think they look quite fresh and cute.

Millie Bag: Marc B £65
Charcoal Jumper: Topshop £46
Coral Coat: I'm not sure if this is that exact model that I want, I would prefer it a bit shorter, but the colour is perfect, this one is from Topshop on sale for £45
Navy Gemstone Oversized Earrings: River Island £8
Floral Purse: River Island £14
Midi Ring Two Pack: River Island £2
Light Brown Biker Boots: New Look £24.99
Skye Shopper: Oasis £36

Quite a short post today, but I hope you liked seeing what I've got my eye on, and maybe it will inspire your Spring'14 wardrobe too :)
Much Love



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