Student Sundays: Hangovers

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So I'm almost certain a lot of you have experienced the 'corpse' phase following a night of partying and 30 billion glasses of wine. There's no doubt about it, we all know that lovely feeling of getting into bed that night and thinking to yourself "this just can't get better" and feeling so so so great. But then, the morning.
Something unexpected is bound to wake you up. You just know it. Usually it's the post man who needs you to sign something, or you've forgotten to turn the alarm off on your phone. You tear open your eyes from under the cover, and then BANG. Ouch.
I, like most other human beings, despise hangovers, but experiencing so many has allowed me to understand *finally* how to deal with them. I understand that hangovers appear worse when your older, but they can actually get pretty bad when you're my age too. So these are my 8 tips if you're suffering, or plan to suffer from the wrath of 20 tequila slammers next weekend.

Tip No. 1: Prep before you go out.
I would seriously advise putting your pyjamas out ready, pouring yourself a glass of water and getting the paracetamol out ready by the side of your bed (along with some make up wipes) this way, when your being carried into your room singing 'Sweet Caroline' life is just that bit easier. Also, eat something full of carbs before you go, patsa, bread etc. to line your stomach, meaning less vom and more party time. If you don't want to spend money when you're out on a kebab smothered in garlic sauce, make yourself food before you go and leave it out to have when you get back!
Tip No. 2: Know your limit.
Not everyone's limit is the same. You may be trying to 'catch up' with fellow smashed companions, but if your more of a 'lightweight' just be wary. Drinking more than your capable of is really really bad for you. I say this as if I've never done it, but I've actually been caught out quite a few times now. You think to yourself "Oh, I'm not drunk, everyone else is downing death stars, I should too..." but in reality, you're falling over and telling strangers you love them.
Tip No. 3: Drink water.
Drink a pint of water before you go, twice through the night and one when you get back *y'know, the one you already prepared for yourself ;)*. Think of it this way: you're going to be unwell, when you're unwell you are always told to drink water. Water is good for you and helps to ease the hangover in the morning.
Tip No.4: Get up.
This is probably the most difficult tip to follow. Your warm, cosy and comfortable under your covers, yet your head is pounding, and you feel like you're going to spew all over your duvet. Get up! Get out of bed and walk around. Have another glass of water if you need to. Sometimes staying in bed isn't the best thing to do. I find when I walk around a bit, I feel more like a human being and less lying a dying sloth.
Tip No.5: Paracetamol is your best friend.
Seriously. Wang two of these bad boys down your neck. It will do the world of good. Hopefully your headache will go away and you'll feel more 'well' than when you were shielding yourself from the world under the covers.
Tip No.6: Eat something.
Some people get the munchies, and some people have no appetite at all, but you need to eat and drink! Drink lots of water throughout the day, and do not drink more alcohol, realistically it's not doing your body any good. If you don't really fancy drinking more water, drink fruit juice, it's great to have some vitamins floating around in your bloodstream. Also, eat a banana. If you don't like bananas, then eat something high in potassium. When you've had a lot to drink, your potassium levels lower and so you need more ingested into your body. Also, eggs are great for hangovers.
Tip No. 7: Go outside!
Rain, snow,wind or shine- go outside. Getting some fresh air in your lungs makes you feel fresh and revived. Just pop down the shop to get some coffee or stand outside in the garden for a bit. It makes your body feel cleaner, and less congested.
Tip No. 8: Look after yourself.
One of the best things to do is have a shower. Really scrub your face, hair and body until you're squeaky clean. When you get out of the shower, you feel almost as if you've washed the hangover away. A shower, and some de-puffing eye masks will make you look and feel way way waaaaay better.

Hope these are some handy tips. PLease leave a comment if you know of any othertips and tricks, and subscribe for weekly posts on life, beauty and fashion!
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