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Hi everyone!
A different blog post today.
A company named Joy have very kindly given you all a fantastic opportunity to win £184 worth of clothes and accessories called their winter bundle.
Just click on the picture below, or carry on reading for more information!
Joy Competition

All you have to do is sign up. It's that simple.
After looking into their website and their brand a bit more, I think I actually really like it. As you know, even though I am associated with etailPR I am still 100% honest in my opinions and would not choose a brand if I didn't like the sound of them.
For a start, I like their website layout. I know that sounds weird but you can actually tell quite a lot about a brand from it's layout. It's very modern and clean, which is lovely and user friendly. I also feel that their going for a bit of a classic yet vintage look, sometimes even eccentric, however not everything falls into this category but are still lovely pieces. I feel that their clothes can cover a wide age-range. What I mean by that is, there are some items on the site which I like and I know there are things there which I don't like but my mother would.. get me?
And (ladies*cough) they have a huge dress department, with some items on sale too. It's really worth checking out. So here's the website link too:
I hope you enjoy this discovery as much as I did.

Good luck with the entry!
Much Love



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