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Today is all about the hair. Having a hat head day? Hair too flat? Frizzy? Unruly or knotty? Yeah, me too most days. However, I have managed to combine a few magic ingredients which actually make my hair look pretty damn good on days. So, I thought maybe it would be fun to show you all what I use on my hair, because sometimes it's just the products that are ugly, not the hair. I'll talk about the products in the kind of order of which I use them, which maybe useful to you too.

The Muppets Miss Piggy Shower Cap- A shower cap is always useful to have. This particular one is my favourite. I had it in my stocking this year from my parents, and it's just so cute. I love The Muppets and Miss Piggy is definitely my favourite, plus it has a cute bow on the front. It's useful for obviously keeping your hair dry, but also if you are using a hair mask, it keeps it from getting wet in the shower or sticking to your clothes when doing your errands.
L'oreal Ever Pure Colour & Volume Shampoo and Conditioner- These babies are just the bomb diggidy. They have NO SULPHATES *woop woop* meaning that they are less damaging for your hair than other shampoos and conditioners. I chose the colour and volume line because I recently ombred my hair and I just felt that it needed a bit of TLC. Also my hair is always flat unless I use products to volumise it, and these seem to do the trick.
Kerestase Specifique Clarifying Shampoo- I tend to use this once a week along with the hair mask below. It is a veeeery clarifying shampoo which can be great as a I do use a lot of products on my hair. However, sometimes I feel it can be a bit drying on my scalp, so if you have issues with that I would stay away from this.
Treseme Resurrection Hair Mask- Not my favourite mask, but the only one I have at the moment. My favourite one is the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Hair Masque but it's a hefty £23.95 from amazon. This is way more easy on the purse! It is a nice mask and it does hydrate my hair a bit more than my conditioner, but that's it really, I haven't noticed any miracles in my hair since I've been using it. 
Treseme Heat Protection Spray- This is actually really really great. I don't really need to use it as the product below, Nectar Thermique already has heat protection and heat memory. However, I always use it for the 'just-in-case' feeling. I think Treseme do some really great heat protection products and this one certainly takes first prize. I would love to try the Keratin Smooth heat protection soon though, so that will be my next purchase.
VO5 Plump It Up Volume Spray- It's not fantastic. I haven't had a lot of experience with VO5, but my first impression so far isn't great. It does make my hair look a bit volumised, but it's no where near as outstanding as the Treseme 24 hour volume or the Redken 06 volume rootful root lifting spray. I was just very let down with this product, and I'm going to have to repurchase the treseme one until I can get my hands on the Redken one again.
Kerestase Nectar Thermique- Amaaazing. Really love this product. It detangles, protects from heat and conditions my hair. It's just fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone. But, the other day when I went to get my hair done, my hairdresser used the Kerestase Resistance Ciment Thermique on my hair, and that, I think, made it look in really great condition, so I may also have to try that out too. 
L'oreal Mythic Oil- Great alternative to the Moroccan oil, and it's a bit more lightweight too. I use this just on the very ends of my hair, because that's where the most damage is, and I have to say it's been life changing. I think this may have to be a staple in my hair care for quite some time. It's not that expensive (it's like waaaay cheaper than Moroccan oil) and it makes my ends much more healthy looking and moisturised.
Batiste Dry Shampoo- The best of the best. Dry shampoo is so handy and this is my favourite brand. I do like the brunette formula, but I love love love the volume one! Perfect for minimising oil in between washes and if you're looking for an instant boost- this is your gal.
Treseme Firm Hold Hairspray- Every girl should own hair spray. Fact. This is one of my favourites, and s you can probably tell, I'm actually quite a big fan of Treseme. They come in big ass bottles, so they'll last forever *cough cough students* and they hold the hair really well for those long days or crazy nights out. Just really great and handy!

Styling tools I use:
Babyliss Comb- For untangling knots in the shower.
Paddle Brush- For everyday hair brushing. 
Round Brush- To dry my hair so I can pump up the volume.
Babyliss Hairdryer- A great hair dryer, but can be a bit too hot.
GHD Straighteners- Amazing straighteners for curling as well as straightening. 
Babyliss Curling Wand- A great wand, but I would also like to try some large barell curlers, since I'm into the big curl look at the moment.

I really hope you enjoyed this guys. I appreciate you all so much for reading! Don't forget to comment, subscribe and like the post. Anything you'd like to see me write about, let me know!
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