Being Healthy! (Slimming World)

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Haven't blogged in quite a while I know. I guess now I understand how hard it is to keep on top of things, but hopefully now that I'm feeling all inspired again I can share with you some new posts! This one is all about being healthy.
Recently I visited home for Christmas, and to my horror many people noticed that I had put on (quite a bit of) weight. Christmas didn't help as I enjoyed being home through celebrating with some drinks and lots of chocolate. I had been saying for ages that I would go to the gym and I'd be healthy soon, but it didn't happen. The end of the week would come, I'd finish of  my meal and I'd think "Yeah I've been pretty healthy this week... except for the pizza... and the drinking... and the chocolate... and oh the kebab...". I felt pretty bad too, tired and self conscious almost all of the time. I thought I'd get some new clothes and a haircut would cheer me up, but I still had some new stretch marks and one chin too many which made me feel awful and upset. My mother encouraged me to join slimming world again. I had already been once before and lost a bit of weight so I thought I'd give it another shot. I'd thought I'd share with you the idea of slimming world because its very simple and actually a lot of fun.

First and foremost: I am not a doctor, dietician or slimming world consultant. I follow the extra easy plan on slimming world.
If you are overweight (check your BMI) then even losing just 10% off your body weight can make a huge impact to your overall health! Losing weight provides benefits such as
  • Increased energy levels
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduction of blood pressure
  • Reduction of aches and pains
  • Improved mobility
  • Improved breathing
  • Helps you to sleep better and wake up more rested
  • Prevents angina (a chest pain caused by decreased oxygen to the heart)
  • Decreases your risk of sudden death (heart disease or stroke)
  • Prevention of Type 2 diabetes
  • Improved blood sugar levels
  • Better confidence
Slimming world doesn't focus on a 'quick fix'. It's a support group helping individuals and families across Britain (and now in America!) to gain a healthier lifestyle which I love.The plan is simple, follow it and you will lose weight. I follow the extra easy plan which is really simple and is helping me to shift the pounds. It's split into 5 sections: Free foods, Superfree foods, Healthy extras, Syns and Body Magic.

Free Foods
Eat as many as you want! Never go hungry! I know- what? But seriously, it works and if something is 'free' go back for seconds and eat at whatever time of day you want! These foods include: all meat and poultry (except processed meats), quorn, eggs, quark, low fat natural yoghurts (and muller lights!), startchy vegetables and pulses (beans, mushy peas, potatoes...) pasta, rice, grains, shellfish, white fish, oily fish, spices, fat free dressings, frylite, tea, coffee, sweetener and diet (sugar free) fizzy drinks. That's a lot of food.
However, don't cook them in oil (see syns) and some yoghurts are bad for you (at slimming world they will tell you what is good and what is bad for you). Everyone should eat 2-3 portions of fish a week to maintain good health.

Superfree Foods
Eat as many as you want and more! These foods are particularly healthy for you as they are high is vitamins, minerals and fibre and so aid weight loss whilst making your body balanced and healthy. These are fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables (apples, pears, carrots...) so stock up and eat!

Healthy Extras
Ok. Now it gets a bit harder. Choose one A and one B per day. An A choice is basically cheese or milk and a B choice is like brown bread, cereal soup and nuts. However these have to be measured!

This is the fun part. Eat crisps, chocolate, cake. Yeah. Enjoy everything you love, just limit it. So you can have 5-15 syns a day. So for example, walkers lights are 6.0 syns, but a big mac is 24.5 and that's without fries and a drink. So you can enjoy all your favourites, but just make sure you keep to plan and try not to go over board on the syns!

Body Magic
Not exercise. SW don't like to call it exercise because it doesn't have to be. It can be going to the gym or joining Zumba which is what I do, but it can also just be walking not driving, take the stairs etc. However. You don''t have to exercise or work any harder, just following the food plan will help you lose weight, but it's advised to do so just for extra health benefits :)

I'm going to make some SW strawberry and chocolate cakes later so maybe I'll post a recipe and show you what things I eat during the week.
SW really does work If you need to lose weight. Visit for more information and to find a class near you. The class provides information, support, laughs and tips.

Hope this helps!
Much Love



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