Top Tips For Exam Success!

Hi Everyone :)
So, I know it's exam season approaching and A LOT of people are trying their hardest to revise (including myself) for exams in January. So I thought I'd help a few people out if their struggling and dragging their feet through the dreaded exam period.
The first top tip I'd recommend trying is to organise your time by making a revision timetable, and to start revising early to give yourself plenty of time to cover all the material and understand it. Below is an example of how you could make one, but I actually like to use a website which helps me prioritise my subjects and lets me enter my commitments (

Next, make sure you have all the notes and materials you need to revise, this could be a laptop, colours, A3 paper, past papers, anything that helps you revise! I love using coloured pens, because it just makes it a lot more fun and exciting to look at.
Revise in a clean, non-distracting environment. I must admit, I'm so bad for lying in bed and revising, but what I find is that I like to drift in and out of sleep, or if I'm using my laptop, the internet calls my name for hours until I use it! Just try closing yourself off from the world for 45 minutes and then take a 15 minute break surfing the internet or watching tv or something.
Eat healthy. Yes, I know, you're all thinking what? But honestly, to keep you brain fit and awake it needs good healthy food and a lot of water. By eating lots of chocolate and downing energy drinks your body will crash, and it has definitely happened to me (the night before my English A-level exam) and I just fell asleep. Not good. Also, get plenty of sleep, because you'll feel more awake and fresh ready for revision :)
Make sure you know how to revise and what works best for you, for me it's past papers and making colourful notes. But I know lots of people who like to read and recite, make lists, mind maps and journey paths. Also including images might help people with photogenic memories!
Make sure you don't overwork, especially when you re stressed. I like to think of my memory as a bike, if you don't use it enough it will go rusty, but go too fast and you'll fall off. 
I watched a great video on youtube ( which is filled with really helpful tips. There is a great tip in there which is to note down what you learned that day in a diary and to write it down again in a week and then a months time to revise it again, so you are constantly refreshing your memory. This is proving very effective for me this year.
Last top tip: try your hardest and motivate yourself! Getting good grades will open so many doors for you and I can't think of a bad reason not to work hard for good grades. I know it's difficult, but it's so worth it!
Keep going and good luck!
Much Love



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