Christmas Films!

Hey Everyone!
It's officially December 1st meaning its officially time for Christmas *celebrates* :D
Christmas is my most favourite time of year and so to start getting in the festive mood I've decided to list all of my favourite Christmas films which I will be watching again this year, and I hope you will too:

A Muppet's Christmas Carol
Something I've watched since I was a little girl. It funny, scary, happy and sad all at once, and most of all, It's festive! The Muppets are just amazing, and every child, adult and alien should watch this film. A true Christmas film. Amazing.
Possibly the most funny, heart warming Christmas film ever. It has now become part of our Christmas eve tradition to watch this film every year. Will Ferell is just so good in this film. I love it, my younger brother loves it and even my Dad loves it!
The Holiday
Something a bit more for the girls maybe? Not exactly a Christmas story, but its around the time of Christmas and new years so it counts! ;) A love story of between four people and a lovely change of location. A film to sit down to watch with a mother, nana, sister, aunty or friend.
The Grinch
My brother LOVES this film. Maybe its more of a boys film? I don't know, I still adore this film. This is definitely a great film if you want a laugh. It left me laughing from start to finish, great for kids :)
Home Alone
An all round great Christmas film.You just cannot go wrong with Home Alone. A family film that really warms your heart and makes you realise the true meaning of Christmas: coming together as a family. A great film with highs and lows, and in the end leaves you all warm and emotional!
Any Disney Film!
Yes that's right. Maybe it's just me, but I don't tend to watch Disney films all year long. So when they start cropping up on my TV channels, I know it's Christmas. They just give a lovely Christmas-y family feel, and reminds me so much of my childhood. My favourite films are Aladdin, Toy Story and Lion King. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Hope you enjoyed this post. I've got all these films lined up to watch haha!
Don't forget to suggest some christmas films to me, as I am very much up to the challenge of watching them all! Haha!
Much Love



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