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Hello lovelies. It's that time of the month again and I have a few things to share with you! I've just noticed this monthly favourites doesn't contain any make up... Here's the truth. I haven't wore much make up this month. It's been so sunny and wonderfully summery that I didn't want to. I just wanted to experience summer without the bother of make up, so I could feel the summer breeze on my skin. However due to not wearing make up I have been taking very good care of my skin (so I don't look awful all the time). This month has honestly changed my skin and how I understand skincare. I now LOVE taking care of my skin whereas before it was always a chore to me.

Tommy Hilfiger Flip Flops
The. Comfiest. Shoes. Ever. They are like clouds for your feet. Thanks to Nicola for these beautiful shoes! I haven't taken them off all month. I pretty much wear them everywhere which is great for summer because it allows your feet to breathe. And they're pretty. And did I mention they were comfortable?

Body Shop Raspberry Scrub
This is weird. It's like your rubbing raspberry jam all over yourself in the shower only you get a good scrub from it too. It smells like jam. Looks like jam. Feels like jam. Tastes like jam (jk, I didn't eat it... yet...). But omg this stuff is awesome! My skin feels ridiculously soft after using this aaaaand I get to smell fantastic too. I especially like using this before fake tanning- makes it a dream!

Clinique Daily Moisturiser
Like I said, my skin care had a revamp and this has played a key role. I use this morning and night even thought it's formulated to be used in the day. This is just a really great all around moisturiser with SPF. A great one if you are just starting out with skincare!

Kereskin Serum
I had this mini in a GlossyBox and it's been great this month. It's all gone now because I've been taking it everywhere with me this month. I thought that it was just a very good moisturising serum, but apparently it makes your skin brighten and tighten. After using this my skin always felt strangely new a plump- but I've loved it!

Baby Lips Lipbalm in Peach
I've had this lipbalm for a while now but I haven't used it much because it may as well just be a clear lip balm There is no tint fyi, however it smells incredible and is a great base for lipstick. Score.

Diesel Fuel For Life
This was a little purchase from Portugal. I've had this perfume before many moons ago and so it's a very nostalgic scent for me. It's also quite strong and very much a night time scent I think. I'm bad with perfumes so I think if you want to know what it smells like I suggest you go give it a wiff for yourselves, but I love it.

Sorted Food App
Last but not least, Sorted Food (YouTube) have launched an app! I've spent far too much time on this already scouring for recipes and looking through photos. It's like instagram for food, but with recipes. How amazing is that? Go check it out!
What are some of your monthly favourites?
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