5 Things You'll Need For Fresher's Week | Life ❤

1. White T-shirt
Pretty standard. You are bound to have a night out where you'll all wear white t-shirts and come home covered in permanent marker but it's always fun and a nice piece to keep :)
2. Alcohol
There is absolutely no doubt that you will need alcohol in freshers week.  If you've read my previous post I've explained why it's good to stock up before hand, but it would also be fun to buy shots with your new flatmates and play drinking games!
3. Packet Food
It is also totally inevitable that you'll be hungover and lazy so easy packet food is the way to go. It doesn't mean you can't be healthy- low fat super noodles and pasta n sauce without milk are both pretty ok!
4. Medicine
To follow on the hangover route- you may or may not experience fresher flu. It is always best to be prepared with painkillers and all sorts just in case you fall ill, because when fresher's flu hits, it hits hard.
5. A Pack of Cards
And last but not least, a pack of cards is always handy to have at university. They make excellent drinking games or just sort of mid-week poker nights. They'll be great fun and a good way to interact with your new flatmates.
Hope these were all helpful and if you'd like to see more university posts/videos then please comment down below.
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