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Whether you're off to University for your first year or you've never quite got the hang of budgeting, I thought I'd do a quick post on how I budgeted last year and how it will be different for me this year. Ok, I won't be sharing with you all about how much money I'm entitled to but hopefully the structure of how I budget will be more beneficial anyway.

1. First of all find out how much maintenance money in total you will have per term (loan and grant).

2. Then find out how much rent you'll pay per term.I'll be paying my rent monthly, so I just add the rent up for September, October, November and December. So for arguments sake lets just say you have £1500 per term (loan and grant) and your rent per term is £800 (£200 a month).

3. Then take the rent away from your total. So £1500-£800= £700.

4. Then divide what is left by 4 (to see how much money you have left per month for September, October, November and December). So e.g. £700/4= £175 per month left over.

5. At this point you want to subtract any subscriptions/bills you pay for monthly so if you have spotify, a mobile phone bill or Netflix this is where you take that out.
So again e.g. every month £4.95 for spotify (with NUS Extra) and £20 for bills. £175-£24.95= £150.05 left a month.

6. Then you divide what's left by 4 again (4 weeks in every month) so £150.05/4= £37.51
Then that is how much money you would have left for food, going out etc.

So then obviously it's up to you how much you spend on food and how you spend your money but that's quite an easy structure to follow termly to budget your money. However if you feel like you don't have enough money to live on, it may be time to get a job. Which sucks. Just keep in mind when you're out shopping or whatever, keep asking yourself "Do I really need this?".
I hope this post wasn't boring and I really do hope I've helped a few people stuck with their budgeting.
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  1. this is a great post! its so hard when its the first time youve lived alone! id love it if youd comment back xx