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Aloha. My skin looks great recently. I mean, yeah I still get the occasional spot and my under eye circles still look disgusting, but the rest of my skin is looking good. I always considered myself as having a fairly normal skin type. But when I received the Clinique liquid face soap for oily skin it changed my life. I soon realised that yes- I have oily combination skin. Whops.

So to accommodate my newly found skin type, I've bought new products and made a very conscious effort of looking after my skin. The photos are basically the main products of my skin care routine. So I use 2 cleansers (click here to see The Double Cleanse), a scrub 3 times a week, a facemask twice a week (one is for brightening and one is for softening), a serum every night, a brightening eye cream and a lip balm.

Since my amazing discovery I have actually amazed myself. Little did I know of the power of skincare. Most days I can go without make up (except for under eye concealer of course) and still feel flawless, however if I do decide to slap on some layers, it makes everything look so much smoother. Obviously though good skin care doesn't just equal great skin- that's why mine isn't perfect. It also depends on things such as your diet, water intake and hormones (sadly) which is something I'd like to work on. If you would like to see some more detailed information on my skin care routine leave a comment below and I'll see if I can create a post or upload a video!
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