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It's a stressful time of year for everyone. Off to university, starting a levels, knuckling down for GCSE's... A lot of people forget to take some time just for themselves (including myself!). I just sort of forget and then I get stressed and then I have a breakdown which is never cool. But I feel now, I am way for relaxed than I have ever been before. If you haven't read my post on stress and anxiety click here as it very much goes hand in hand with this post. I thought I'd share with you a few ways I like to relax o hopefully chill you all out a bit! :)
1. Yoga. In the morning it's great to sort of centre your mind and to really start your day peacefully. However, I love yoga in the evening way more because it's more about relaxation and just letting yourself go. A few times I've honestly felt so relaxed that I've fallen asleep on my mat. Whoops.
2. Face masks. Taking a 10 or 15 minute break out of a busy day just for you and a relaxing face mask can sometimes just really centre you and bring you back to reality. I always feel pampered after a face mask too, so it's win-win really.
3. Candles. There is something soothing about candles burning in the home. No matter what the scent, having candles around can always calm me (especially in the bath!).
4. Tea. Say the stress has become to much. You're a mess and crying and all sorts. For years and years, when I feel like this. I take long deep breathes and make myself a cup of tea. I would never lie to you, I instantly feel much better and much more grounded. It's like my safety net!
5. Music. Everybody loves music. And sometimes we need it to block out the rest of the world, to go into our own little space and think. This is the same with showers and baths too. I love too take some time out and just listen to music that makes me happy.
6. Exercise. It's proven to make you happier and less stressed because of the increase in endorphins released! I know it's not for everyone, but maybe just a little walk with some fresh air could do you good?
7. Sleep. So, so soooo important. Without a good, well rested sleep your body doesn't function correctly. You'll make more mistakes and be more grouchy than normal. Nobody wants that. Stay in bed as long as you can- I recommend it :P
8. Distraction. If you really are stressed and your anxiety is going crazy, distract yourself! Do something you enjoy! Watch YouTube, go out, read a book, make some dinner anything! Just take your mind off things for a bit. You may come back with a new perspective on things.
Let me know of any other great ways you like to relax. And don't think you're being selfish, because you're not- you deserve it :P
Lots of Love



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