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Hello m'lovelies!
As mentioned in my previous post (click here) I'm sharing with you how I organise myself and prioritise the things I need to do. In my most recent post I let you in on all the things going on in my second year which as definitely left me stressed and tired buuuuut, I'm doing it all! And this is how...

I first write out a list of everything I'm doing that week, and I mean everything! So lectures, seminars, work, reading, essays, work outs etc. Make sure you can write everything thing you can think of going on. Also include days you need to do food shops and cleaning etc.

Then what I tend to do is number them and prioritise them. So lectures are a must as is work etc. I make sure their right at the top. I tend to leave things such as work outs and things like that as a last priority.

Print out a timetable and fill in the slots! However, use the priority list as a guide- so slot in the most important things first and then work your way down the list. I love timetables because it's a really visual way to plan your week. Really efficient. So by now you'll probably have a pretty full timetable so DON'T FORGET to add them to your diary! I take mine with me everywhere and it helps me remind myself of things I'm doing that day and what time :)

Last but not least, make to do lists everyday. Or make one for everyday at the beginning of the day. You don't need to do this but I find that to do lists are so helpful in time organisation. I think it also motivates you because when you get to check it off- it's the most satisfying feeling!!!

So I really hope this was in anyway helpful. I find this system works quite well for me and I also think that lists are the best way to get your life sorted. I love lists.
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