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Hello m'lovelies.
So I've been at slimming world for quite a while now, and I thought I'd give you a little update.
Basically I haven't been doing so well. I haven't got a half a stone off me yet and I don't think being at University is helping. I've wobbled around the 4lbs mark for quite a while now and I'm feeling quite fed up.

However, I know it works because it's worked for me in the past. I think I've just been too easy on myself. I'll eat a bar of chocolate just for the sake of it which is ridiculous really. I've had a real kick up the bum two days ago now and I'm really determined to get the weight off now. I think watching food documentaries such as Food Matters and Food Inc really make you understand why a healthy diet is important. 

My goals:
To be within my syns everyday except for nights out!
To record what I'm eating daily without lying!
To exercise more through the week!
To get my half a stone award next week or the week after!

Small goals are the way forward :)
I'm also going to try and take as many photos of my food on instagram to track what I'm eating, as well as maybe a food diary vlog? Maybe...

Lots of Love



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