Scary Second Year | University ❤

Hello m'lovelies.
I'm well into my second year now (a month to be exact haha) and I'm loving it. I love my course which is fantastic, however this year is really scaring me. There's a lot I have to do that I don't feel ready for. I've been spoken to multiple time about how important it is to get work experience through voluntary placements. "Get as many placements as you can" they say without recognising that I actually do need time to do my degree. 
Then they'll say "make sure you get a steady part-time job so that you can show commitment". What?
I mean, yes, I need a job for money and things but at this point I was starting to worry about time management. Then a realisation dawned on me- I need to go to lectures, read about a million books, have a part time job, find voluntary placements, actually learn the stuff for my exams, work out, write essays, conduct interviews and write about it all in a portfolio.
I also kinda need to live.

So this year is kind of difficult already. But, this year I'm more determined than ever to do well and do everything that I can by volunteering for things and hopefully it will all work out well.
So, as you can probably tell- posting every week is becoming a bit of a challenge. I'll post as much as I can, but if I don't please do excuse me :P
I've got a post coming up on organising my time so look out for that if you're interested!
Lots of Love



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