VO5 Refresh Me Quick

Hello m'lovelies!
I'm a dry shampoo addict. Yes, I do wash my hair- but in-between washes my hair doesn't look great. Shiny turns to greasy and a voluminous bounce turns to clingy-horrid-flatness
For years and years I've been using the Batiste range of dry shampoos. Only now I've noticed that pretty much all the hair ranges now sell dry shampoos. I've recently tried the Herbal Essences Nearly Naked dry shampoo and that was awful. Really white and had a very sickly scent. This one however, I was very impressed with. The only other VO5 product I use in my hair routine is the plump it up volumising spray which I love- so naturally I was very keen to give this a go. What I love about this is that it does exactly what it says on the tin- refreshes. There's no sickly scent, just a very light clean smell, it makes my hair look like it's just been washed without grey roots and add volume. I mean isn't that just what we want from out dry shampoos? At a price of £1.80 per 100ml whereas Batiste original is £1.50 per 100ml- which one am I going to repurchase?
This one.
No grey roots? Worth it.
Lots of Love



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