The Christmas Tag!

Hey guys!
Thought I'd do a bit more of a festive-get-to-know-me post. I've seen this tag flying around blogs and YouTube so I thought I'd give it a go. Please reply with your Christmas tag so I can get to know you too:)

What's Your Favourite Christmas Film?

This is a really difficult question for me to answer. I did a blog post on all my most cherished Christmas films, so if you read that you can understand how much I love Christmas and Christmas-y films. If I had to choose one though, it would probably be Elf.

What Are Your Favourite Christmas Colours?

I love red. Mainly warm or dark reds. I also love goldy colours. They just make you feel all warm and snug.

Do You Open Your Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

I get to open one present on Christmas eve (a new pair of pyjamas every year) and then I open the rest on Christmas morning. What person opens all their presents on Christmas eve?!

Do You Stay in Your PJs or Dress Up For Christmas?

I stay in my lovely pair of new pyjamas until all the presents are opened. I then usually have some nice new shower stuff and clothes which I tend to use straight away and I wear the clothes then for Christmas dinner.

If You Could Only Give One Person A Present This Year Who Would It Be?

If I had to... It would probably be Tom (my boyfriend). I'm so grateful for everything he's done for me this year, and just to be with him in general. Plus I've got him a great gift which I'm really excited to give to him!

Have You Ever Built A Ginger Bread House?

Never! I would love to though (if I had the money, time or patience)

What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break?

Relax, spend time with family, decorate, watch Christmas films, shopping, baking and listening to Christmas tunes!

Any Christmas Wishes? 

Just that all my family and friends have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy new year :)

Favourite Christmas Smell?

Cinnamon, Caramel, Christmas Dinner, Spiced Apples.. Anything warm and cosy!

Favourite Christmas Meal Or Treat?

Christmas meal?... Christmas dinner of course!Christmas treat?... Probably Terry's Chocolate Orange.

So that's it for my Christmas tag. Be sure to reply and give it a go, I'd love to see how you spend your Christmas:)
Much Love



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