The Fault In Our Stars

Dear Book Fans,
I have read a book which is bound to make every girl cry and laugh: The Fault in Our Stars- John Green.
I saw this book flying around on BookTuber's channels and everybody raving about this treasure. And so I bought it, no surprise. May I just say that John Green is  a very talented writer, he has such a way with words, and I can't wait to read more of his books.
The main character in The Fault in Our Stars is Hazel, a teenage lung cancer patient with a passion for reading. She feels that she does not have a fulfilled or ordinary teenage life due to her cancer, and has to attend a weekly 'meeting' with other teenage cancer meeting where she meets Augustus. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone, but what I will say is this book is filled with friendships, tears, hate, love, sadness  and laughter.
The only way I can explain my feelings after reading this book was enlightened and 'why?'. What I mean by 'why' is 'why do these things happen?'. I feel that the book opened my eyes to a whole world that I didn't understand or realise was so different. It really made me question why people don't really take much notice in how certain people have to live, not just cancer patients but all sorts of people in trouble/trauma.
John Green also opens our eyes to how the love of literature is diminishing. I love reading. I read books, blogs, magazines etc. but John makes me realise how much I love poetry, and the older fashion style of literature. I find myself reading and remembering poetry as I do music lyrics. I forgot how much poetry actually speaks to me (I know it's a bit old fashioned and not 'cool' any more, but it's true) and I feel I should take more time in my life to read some.
What I love about this book so much is how relatable it is, how anyone can read it and feel the same emotion I felt. I love how it makes you reflect on yourself and the way you perceive things in the world, which is pretty amazing for basically just a story.
I recommend this book to everyone. It is well worth everyone's time and money, it really is quite a remarkable book.
Much Love



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