Jo Malone: Find Your Signature Scent

I'm so excited to be writing this post. For a while now I've been trying to find my 'signature scent'. I read somewhere a while a go that being associated with a beautiful and familiar scent is really comforting to those you know. The more I thought about it the more I loved the idea of having a signature scent, it sounds so chic! I've hunted high and low for the perfect perfume. I really loved the Stella McCartney perfume but it reminds me too much of going out a lot when I was younger (and being ill the next day), and obviously Chanel No. 5 is a favourite but I felt that everybody wears that.

This led me to purchasing my very first Jo Malone fragrance (for myself). I've bought a few bottles as gifts, and they really are a lovely gift if you can fork out on one. I think the favourite scent is Pomegranate Noir which does smell absolutely fantastic, but like the Chanel perfume I didn't just want to follow the crowd. I wanted my absolute favourite fragrance. I never actually thought I'd buy a Jo Malone perfume for myself, it seemed too luxury. But then, one fateful day in Selfridges, London, the encouraging words of "go on, treat yourself" (in my head sounding like Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation) led me to my favourite perfume to date: Amber and Lavender.

At the counter I was favouring light floral smells or more citrus-y/fresh smells. Don't even talk to me about "woody" smells, I do not want to smell like the bark of an elm tree thanks. I never ever would have normally picked up a 'spicy' scent. In my head this would smell to winter-y in the summer, but this is absolutely beautiful an all-year-round smell, very wearable for everyday, but also a beautifully luxurious fragrance. Jo Malone describes it as: French lavender and petitgrain bring a fresh luminosity to precious amber. Cultivated and cosmopolitan. There is literally no better description than this.

There's no denying that Jo Malone is incredibly expensive, but really all perfume is... isn't it? It was £42 for 30ml- scary I know, but also extremely justified. I think, if you really have found your signature scent like I have it's definitely worth it. I love Jo Malone because of the huge amount of choice and matching products (body cream, bubble bath, candles...) and more than anything the lasting power. It's enough to use 2 sprays in the morning and you'll be set for the day. The smell is so incredibly powerful that you don't need much and it wears absolutely beautifully through the day. So £42 doesn't seem so much any more. I only bought the 30ml because I wanted to make sure that I wear it enough (which I'm sure I will). That way I can either repurchase a larger bottle or try a new fragrance! Either way, I'm definitely on my way to finding my signature scent. I'd love to know what your favourite perfumes are to see if there's anything I need to try. Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.

Lots of Love,
Jess x



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