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Many students like myself, occasionally (or just generally) suffer from sleep deprivation. Whilst many people just shake it off with 'oh I'm a night sort of person' or that its just a part of student life, here are 25 facts that show just how bad sleep deprivation really is.
Sleep deprivation:

  1. Increases your risk of cancer
  2. Causes you to gain weight (sleepier people = hungrier people)
  3.  Increases inflammation through your body resulting in many complications
  4. It depresses you
  5. It becomes harder to control your emotions/emotional response
  6. It also becomes harder to read other peoples' emotions
  7. Weakens your immune system
  8. Increases the risk of diabetes
  9. Permanently damages skin (causes wrinkles and saggy skin from stress hormones)
  10. Causes 'brain dirt'. Sleep helps to remove the neural waste from the brain.
  11. It decreases your life expectancy
  12. Reduces the effect of vaccines
  13. Increases the risk of heart disease (number one killer in the UK)
  14. It tricks you (you can't evaluate your own effectiveness)
  15. High blood pressure
  16. Causes irregular heart beats which is a SERIOUS complication for the heart
  17. Increases the risk of stroke
  18. Makes you physically weaker
  19. It destroys your bones (your cells repair when you sleep!)
  20. Increases chronic pains
  21. Decreases ability to cope with stress
  22. Decreases ability to respond under pressure
  23. It kills creativity
  24. Increases risk of dying in a car accident exponentially (it's as bad as being drunk in some cases)
  25. Causes memory loss :(
So beauty sleep is real (internally and externally). Get your sleep guys, it could change your life :)
Lots of Love

*Disclaimer: I am in no way a health expert of any kind and if you suffer from sleep deprivation on a regular basis you should contact your local doctor.



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