3 Looks for Hazel Eyes ❤

There are a lot of us who love to play around with different eye looks (I'm one of them), and there are also a lot of use who want their eye shadows, liners, mascaras and that to really make their eyes 'pop'- not literally. I have green, brown and yellow tones to my eyes, which I would say then, making them look hazel-y. I've come up with three looks to really make hazel eyes stand out, and so I thought I'd share them with you :)

1. The Everyday Eye

This eye look (as stated) is great for everyday wear, nothing too strong just something to catch your eye-weyyyyy, haha. Just like red, the pink tone of sin really brings out the green in the eyes and the shimmer catches the light making the eye look very pretty and girly. It's a very easy-to-wear look and doesn't take long at all to. The longest thing to do is the eye liner, but even that with practise become easy. Even if liquid isn't your thing a black liner of any kind is great to make your pupils more prominent whilst also defining the eye shape and eyelashes. I've filled in my eyebrows lightly (Urban Decay Naked) because I don't really like too much of a strong brow, and I have used the same mascara for all the looks (Maybelline The Rocket).

2. The Night Out Eye

This is not something to wear everyday, unless you like to look reeeally done up on a day to day basis. This is a kind of look I would wear on a night out or for a special occasion. It's great for enhancing the eyes as a whole, but I wouldn't wear a really strong lip or a bright blush with this, or you could end up looking like ronald mcdonald. It's a sexy, smoky look and really enhances the whole shape of the eyes and the brown tones too! A gold/bronze/brown based smoky eye is better for people with hazel eyes over a black/silver/white based smoky eye because it adds warmth and doesn't make your eyes look 'washed out'.

3. The Wear Me Anywhere Eye

This time, I did opt for a bit of a darker brow, I just thought that it kind of 'went'. The blacks and dark browns of this look are easy to wear but also have they 'I'm pulling you in with my eyes' effect, get me? The green liner then adds a nice contrast, and I personally feel you could wear this anywhere, day or night. It's kind of edgy too which I love, or pair this with like a floral pretty dress and then it's kind of quirky :)

All these looks are really easy to re-create and you can use any variation of shadows you want, they don't have to be urban decay or whatever, what you got is fine! Other colours like peach and coral are also really nice colours for hazel eyes. I'd stay away from coloured mascara though, it's not a great look and they're usually a crappy formula. So I hope this has inspired you to play around with your eye shadows, whatever coloured eyes you may have, and I wish you all the best of luck!

Lots of Love



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