What's in My Clutch? ❤

I've had this clutch for years. It's from claires accessories and I don't think it was too expensive. The reason I've had this clutch for years is literally because it goes with everything. I only have a few other clutches and tbh, I don't use them very much compared to this one. It's a classic look (black with a lovely big bow) and it's not too big so I don't over pack it. It's quite a solid form too, so there's no give and I can only carry the essentials.

I obviously take my (very smashed) phone with me, but I was using it to take the pictures haha. I also take my keys of the neck chain and a mini perfume (and then tuck them into the corner of the bag). Taking perfume just means that after all the twerking and dancing to single ladies, you can go and have a little touch up so you don't smell like an old sock. I usually take a much smaller pack of chewing gums too. Yes girls, it's important to carry chewing gum! After a particularly stanky drink or that extra large kebab you've ordered, you may need just one or two.

Again when the make up I've spent roughly an hour putting on slips off my face, it's nice to carry around a concealer and the lipstick of the evening so I don't look like a complete hot mess. Finally I take my student card, my debit card, my ID and some cash all tied together in a bobble and a bobby pin. It's like my little 'basics' pack. Everything I need all tied into one! And so that's everything. I know it's not loads, but that's good for a night out! Right?

Moggs x



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