Sally Hanson No Chip

Hey everyone! 
So I'm a total nail polish junkie, I thrive in all the different colours and all the wonderful brands. Sally Hanson also happens to be one of my favourite. I recently purchased the Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat for £3.30 at Superdrug (which I thought was a pretty good deal).
Turns out, I was bitterly disappointed with this top coat. I found that nails without wearing the top coat wore better through the week than nails with the top coat... What?
I decided to keep using the polish (in case I was just being clumsy with my nails or something), but the next couple of times I used it I was very careful with me nails, and they still chipped really quickly (within 1-2 days, large chips of the nail polish).
Overall, I wouldn't recommend this nail polish to anyone, especially because the name is very misleading! I prefere some of Sally Hansen's other top coats such as the Miracle Shine Top Coat (£6.63). It may be more expensive, but it's definitely worth it (since it doesn't chip as much!).
Much Love
Moggs :)



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