Sleek Blush Palette: Lace

Hey everyone! :)
So my make up downfall is powder. That includes blushes, bronzer and setting powders. I'm way more of an eye make up/ lip kinda gal. But, when I saw this little beauty being raved about all over YouTube, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. 
I mean, three gorgeous, highly pigmented blushes in one handy compact? I was sold!
Firstly, I know it's kinda bias, but I adore Sleek. I think they do some really amazing products that could definitely be high end, but are priced as drug store. That to me is pretty darn awesome. This palette in particular only £9.99. However, when I took this to the till they only charged me £4 because the outer box (not even the actual palette) was damaged! Result! Also my collecting all my Superdrug beauty points, I walked out with this palette for only £2. Best, day, ever.
I feel that the colour combination in this palette is just beautiful. There is enough variety to go with any make up look and I'd say to go with pretty much all skin colours. As, I said earlier, like all Sleek products, these blushes are highly pigmented and very smooth, creamy and sleek ;)
Overall I think this is a great investment (I would have paid the full £9.99), and after trying this blush palette, I'm going back for more!
Much Love



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