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Hello m'lovelies.
Today I bring you the ultimate. The ultimate all-rounder. Tea. Tree. Oil.
Now I know a lot of you will be familiar with this product from your early teens where your mother convinced you to "dab a teeny tiny bit on a spot and it will be gone by tomorrow"... And I know a lot of you will associate this product with the awful stinging pain and the welled up eyes. However, today I'm making it my duty to convince you that you need it.
I've been through so many bottles of this stuff that I've lost count, and through buying so many bottles I've realised that there's more to it than just zapping the zits. 
First of all it's one of the essential oils on the cheaper side (mine costed me roughly £1 in superdrug). 
It has antiseptic and anti-fungal/infection properties. It helps reduce the effects of rashes, burns and dandruff! 
As well as treating acne, it's great to add a few drops to the bath. It's a great aromatherapy oil and also helps to cure the bacne. If you're really brave (or just really desperate) then you can add the smallest amount of oil to some water and gargle it to cure bad breath. Something I refuse to try but may also be helpful to some of you guys.
Use 2 tsp of tea tree oil and dilute it with water for a natural all-purpose cleaner! If you have young children prone to lice- add a few drops to the shampoo- no more lice! Tea tree oil has also been found to sooth insect bites and work as an antiseptic on small cuts. Mixing the oil with some olive oil and cleaning your ear may also relive ear ache.
Home wise- you can use the oil to keep the sink areas/toilets/bathrooms clean and fresh. And if you add some drops when washing your clothes I promise they will be amazingly fresh (and for longer!).
But honestly the best thing is the zit zapping. I never buy any other spot treatment other than this. It's the cheapest and the most effective- I mean c'mon!
Hopefully now you can understand why I'm such a big fan!
Lots of Love



  1. i am a huge fan of tee tree oil too! it was great when i had my nose pierced! love your blog header :) id love it if you'd comment back xx