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So, you're a student. As poor as the next man, trying to survive whilst having a good time. 2nd year may have hit you and you're thinking to yourself- man I need a job. That was me last week. Now I've had two job offers and I get to pick which one is more suited for me. Great stuff! It's not that hard! I mean, when I was thinking about it- all I did was stress and think "oh my god what if I don't get a job and I'm poor forever"- but turns out all I had to do was a few simple strategies that will help create great first impressions. Now I know this sounds a bit like I'm bragging, but honestly I really just want to help those who were just as worried as me a few weeks ago.

Get In There Early
This is kind of a big tip. Before everyone gets there on freshers week, arrive early to hand out your CV's or send some emails/apply online/make some phone calls to companies. In my case I arrived back to Aberystwyth early. I made a note of the places who had part-time work advertised online and in their shop windows and applied for those places before everyone arrived. I think employers are thankful to know that their workers are keen. Also, say you're not really sure how to go about it, your University will probably have an office or something totally dedicated to student jobs so check that out!

Write A Great Student CV
It doesn't mean that your CV has to be as brilliant as say Shakespeare's CV- but just really think about what you're writing. Don't make it a rush job. For me I made a huge emphasis on how I'm great with flexible hours, willing to work weekends and have a lot of experience. If you don't have any past experience in a work place maybe consider any experience in volunteer work. Basically any experience is good. Just sort of word it to suit the employer and then there should be no reason why they wouldn't love you already!

First Impressions Count
When handing out your CV, dress smart-casual. Don't overdo it and don't under-do it. It's basically just a way of creating a good first impression to your employer. Smile, be confident and don't be nervous. They'll already know just by seeing you if they'd even want to read your CV in the first place- so make it count! Also- be polite!!!

So you've made it this far and now you're crapping 'em. They'll probably give you a few days to get ready for it so don't worry about that. When receiving the phone call to tell you about the interview make a not of the place, the time, the dress code etc so you don't screw the easy stuff up (top tip right there haha). Make sure you dress professionally and understand exactly what the interview/trial entails. I made this mistake in my last interview which I mistook for an induction. I dressed way to casually and hadn't prepared for any interview questions. Embarrassingly, I had to take my future employer aside and explain why I was wearing an old jumper, leggings and ugg boots. Luckily my interview skills weren't too shabby and I managed to squeeze myself into the job haha. So yeah, just watch out for that.
The main this is to be yourself, show off the student pros rather than the student cons and smile. Nobody wants to employ a grumpy person. Give it your absolute best and you will succeed!

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