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I'm currently sat in a living room with a blanket over me, the boyfriend next to me, no make up, hair raggedly tied up and with a mountain of tissues beside me. Yes, I'm sick. Dun dun dun... With every sentence I write, a loud chesty cough follows (which may I add is a great ab exercise- mine are killing me!). Even though I'm feeling quite under the weather reminiscing over these past few weeks are proving to be better than medicine.

First of all I'm home from university- wooooo! Well, until I have to go back to sit my exams- boooooo! Nothing new to report from university, I haven't failed anything yet so that's always a plus right? And I've been totally spoiled at home. Whilst I should have be revising for these exams I keep forgetting about, I've been out with friends, or having a night in with the family, something great is just always taking up my time. It's been so much fun being home. Now though, I might be moving house which is a bit of a big deal. I've lived in the same house pretty much all my life, it's going to be crazy sitting in a new living room and sleeping in a new bedroom. I just hope that I like it.

Whilst home is lovely Tom and I have also made our way to London! I bought tickets from superbreak as Tom's Christmas present and he loved it. We stayed at London's Mercure Bridge Hotel (4*) and it was more amazing than I imagined. It was very very modern and the staff couldn't do enough for you. On arrival we were offered free cookies and I think that just hit the nail, as well as the super super thick mattress- the best bed I've ever slept in. Whilst toddling around London, me and Tom decided that maybe one day we'd live in London just to experience it all. It was crazy just to see how everything works compared to back home. And there was so many food places- do we really eat this much? And people in London must really love Pret A Manger because there was one practically on every street. However, Tom decided to take me somewhere that I've never even heard of before- Wahaca. The food there was a sort of Mexican street food and the restaurant is owned by one of the winners from Masterchef. Oh my goodness. It was one of the tastiest meals I have ever had in my whole entire life. I ordered the citrous fizz drink which consisted of sparkling water, sweetener, lime and mint and is was damn good. Really refreshing and something to make at home! We shared the wahaca selection and whilst the winter vegetable tacos contained cabbage (which usually I can't even stomach) I wiped the plate clean with a huge smile -and belly- of satisfaction. 

As well as the beautiful hotel and wonderful food the main event of the trip was The Lion King. We sat in the stalls so all the actors and their animal costumes danced past us and it was just incredible. The music just brought so much nostalgia to the whole musical and the music specially composed for the musical was just- woah. He Lives In You made me cry so so so much it was unreal. After the show we walked around London, Tom showed me China town and where the film premiers are held. Then he took me over the Thames where we could see Big Ben and The London Eye all lit up. Whilst we stood and looked at boats full of tourists drinking prosecco and listening to music, a busker next to us played guitar. I felt like I was in a scene from a book haha. It was just too romantic and relaxing to even imagine. The next day we walked around London (again) for hours. We went to the Natural History Museum and it was soo full! After two ours of queing we called it quits and decided to walk tp pizza hut, which took 3 hours to get too (mostly on foot but then we took a cab). Why did it take 3 hours you ask? Because Google Maps is terrible and instead offered us Nandos and Cafe Rouge- then we got lost. All in all, it was a great trip!

Our friends from Uni came to visit the other day too. Immy, Jamie and Sam all came to stay at Tom's house to see how we live haha. We went to our fav restaurant Viva Brazil (or Viva La Beef as we call it) in Cardiff, St Fagans also in Cardiff and also out to our local for a few drinks and a kebab. And now, here we are. All up to date, sitting on a sofa coughing myself away and worrying about work tomorrow.
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